Sound Adventures | "Pantheon" | SAV 011 "Nemesis"

27 Feb 2017

Trailer for Sound Adventures album SAV 011 "Nemesis", featuring the track "Pantheon".

Composers: Jonathan Timpe, Peter David Bateman

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SAV 011 "Nemesis"

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Indiesonics | IND021 Math Rock

10 Feb 2017

Indiesonics' latest offering is the perfect soundtrack for gaming, sport, and promos - an explosive, fun celebration of angular, geometric guitar riffing from Brighton’s finest exponents of Math Rock, Bearded Youth Quest.

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Sonic Quiver | SQ100 'Sonic Road Trip'

26 Jan 2017

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Sonic Quiver takes us on a non-stop road trip of their first 99 releases with a 100-track compilation album ‘SONIC ROAD TRIP’.

BIG congratulations to the 100th album!

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Q-Factory 2017 Sizzle Reel

20 Jan 2017

It is always a pleasure to see Q-Factory by Robert Etoll Productions amazing portfolio of Music & Sound Design in Trailers, TV Spots and Promos. Enjoy!

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Dos Brains Third Rail | Trailer Spot for BEN HUR 2016

24 Aug 2016

Check out this cool music placement from our LA based label Dos Brains 'Third Rail'.

Film Trailer: Ben Hur
Track: 'Descent Into Insanity' | IIIR001 Dark Territory

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Megatrax at Abbey Road Studios London

24 Aug 2016

Megatrax has recorded three albums of premium orchestral music at famed Abbey Road Studios in London.

Sweeping inspirational themes, soaring majestic fanfares, family-friendly adventure cues, magical, quirky, whimsical themes and more, can be found in this extraordinary collection of contemporary cinematic styles.

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New Label | 2nd Foundation Music

26 May 2016

Let us introduce the latest edition to the Upright family,


2nd Foundation Music is a curated catalogue of high-end orchestral-based compositions developed for use in film and TV.

Strengths: Orchestral / Contemporary Classical / Electro Acoustic Hybrids / Drama / Film Score

Upright Music is exclusively representing 2nd Foundation Music in Scandinavia, The Baltics & Poland.

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Felt Music | "Felt Sizzle Reel Edit 07"

24 May 2016

"Music Without Compromise" + "Music Choices Matter"!

We totally agree, check it out here!

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JW Media Music in Scandinavia

04 Jan 2016

We're very proud to announce that from January 1st 2016 Upright Music has taken over the exclusive representation of the UK label 'JW Media Music' in Scandinavia, Baltics and Poland.

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Cypher TM | CYPT 002 "After Tomorrow" | New Album!

13 Nov 2015

Check out Cypher TM's promo video for their new album release!